I went to the butchers...

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I went to the butchers...

Post by Limey »

... for my Sunday roast. Looked at various cuts, decided on a nice piece of pork shoulder.

As the butcher was trimming it, I asked where the apprentice was, who normally would do this.

"Ah... " said the butcher. "We had to let him go".

Me: really? Why?

Butcher: bit awkward really. Behaviour thing.

Me: oh?

B: well.... erm... he kept putting his penis in the bacon slicer.

I was reeling.

Me: what????

B: yeah... I know.... awful isn't it? Several times we caught him. In front of customers too. Had to go.

Me: Jesus. Doesn't bear thinking about.

Then i did think about it. Hang on.... all my bacon comes from here! Hygiene? Hello?

Me: so what about the bacon slicer?

Butcher: well we had to fire her too obviously.

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Re: I went to the butchers...

Post by DaveJavu »

My butcher does everything himself.

No wonder your butchers go out of business if they need three people to do the work of one!

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Re: I went to the butchers...

Post by MFA »

Unfortunately I'd already heard that one, otherwise I would have enjoyed it more.

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